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What is ‘twisted musings’ about?

Twisted musings means messed up / crazy / weird thoughts and seemed like an appropriate name.  It is my opportunity to draw a different (and hopefully funny) way of looking at the world.


Great, so what else can I learn about you?
I am a cartoonist based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia and I have been drawing cartoons for 9 years. My toons have appeared in books, promotional posters and periodicals, including:


Ok, so where do you your ideas come from?
A lot of cartoonists and webcomickers use this as an opportunity to provide a ‘smart alec response’, but the truth (for me at least) is that my brain is trained to look for and listen out for ideas. My brain now hears a conversation or reads a word and immediately sets the scene or scenario where something may be funny. Over time, you simply get used to looking for ideas (even when you’re not trying). If the deadline is approaching and I need something (for whatever reason) flicking through old Gary Larson collections when I’m overtired is always good for three or four ideas I can’t explain it but it works every time.


What is your process for creating a cartoon?
Funny you should ask, I blogged about it here.


Are all your cartoons ‘one and done’?
No, I have attempted mini stories over the past three years and some of them are listed below:

I’m also working on creating a much larger story using some of my recurring characters.


Do you have a list of cartoons that may be a good sample of your work?
Sure! The following are a great place to start (and are some of the most popular on the site):


What keeps me awake at night? A restless mind.
What 3 words best describe me? creative, cheeky, practical
As a child I was: a pain in the ass!
Best advice my parents gave me: ‘Jason, nobody gives you nothin, so if you want it so have to go and bloody get it yourself!’ (Thanks Dad)
A bit daggy, but I love: WWE wrestling
1st job: paperboy at the local train station
Criticisms: I take a joke too far, I’m not detail orientated enough
5 people I would invite to dinner: Bruce Timm, Jim Henson, Hugh Laurie, Kyle Minogue, Liz Hurley
Book that means a lot to me: My first collected edition of my cartoons.  It represents a lot of hard work and a body of my own work.
Thing I fear the most: Dying
At home, I cook: Everything!
I’m no good at: Singing (painful for me to admit)
I wish I had: More time
If only I could: travel more and spend more quality time with quality people.

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