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Early Work (OR two bonus toons this week!)

22 June, 2010

I have blogged previously about my love of seeing examples of early work from artists I enjoy and watching the progression between the beginning and the present. Displayed below are two cartoons I drew (and surprisingly found amongst my paperwork) as a 14 year old and decided I would share. I found (at the time) I could easily replicate the work of the ‘masters’  but found it difficult to create my own characters (even though I knew it was important, even then). From my many doodles (most times during English class) Egghead was born. He was simple, clumsy and easy to replicate (an absolute must at the time!). What is also interesting (looking back) is that whilst some aspects of my work remain the same (the standard eye/nose look) others are vastly different (namely the format in which I now present (mainly single panel material)).

Sometimes it’s interesting to look back at creations from the past. What do you do as a hobby/interest that you did in the past and do you still have examples?

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