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Encouraging children to read: part 1

13 November, 2008

I used to be a school teacher in a past life and would often teach in very low socio economic areas.  Unfortunately, such areas would have low numeracy and literacy rates and every day proved difficult in getting kids to read or write.  So we had to get creative to ensure these things were taught.

I discovered (not surprisingly) that having an interest in cartooning and comic book characters was perfect leverage to get kids to read.  I would take piles and piles of old comic books to school and the kids in my classes would devour them any opportunity they got. It didn’t matter to me that they weren’t reading books, they were reading and that was a ‘win’ for me.

So if you have children or are around children in some way, give them a comic book / cartoon collection to read and see where it leads.

On Saturday I’ll post a range of reading activities you can use to help encourage reading through cartoons and comic books further.

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