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Most popular cartoons (2012)

30 January, 2013

Listed below are the top ten most popular twisted musings cartoons for 2012.

Olympic Diver
Lest We Forget
Quantum Stretching
Charity Golf Day
Ghost Therapy
Retconned Resume
Muppet Mayhem
Molly’s Day
Made Man

2012 was an interesting year creatively for me. Previously I had said I was done drawing single panel cartoons, but after a (well earned) rest, the fire burned inside me so I decided to start again. Whilst not drawing three times a week as I had in the past, I was happy to return to a (semi) regular weekly schedule. This year it’s my goal to continue that schedule, plus (finally) launch my other comic – The adventures of Billy, which is a story that just won’t go away from me. Hopefully you’ll stick around for the ride.

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