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The Ultimate webcomic artist’s work desk – An introduction

1 June, 2013

I’ve been struggling recently with motivation to complete any of many creative projects I have on the go. I wondered about everything: from the change of job, the relocation to another town to whether doing certain creative activities was even important to me anymore. “All of these things play a part.”, I thought. I considered all the environmental factors before I looked at the one place I was trying to complete all of these activities:

My home workplace.

It was uninspiring. My desk was a slab of timber 1200mm x 600mm wide. It was overloaded with unopened mail and piles of incomplete project paperwork. I used an old office chair along with a small neon reading light and my 17 inch MacBook had its own spot in whatever space was left. Who’d actually want to be creative in a space like this? So in my usual procrastinating way, I found another project to work on.

I decided to build a new workspace.

I had wanted to build Dave Kellett’s work desk but when I realised its assembly was beyond my meagre carpentry ability, I decided I would use it as a starting point and modify the design for my purposes (and current skills). I wanted:

  • – a very large workspace area
  • – shelving space (for my many reference books and inspiration)
  • – a raised desk and light box and
  • – the ability to set up the desk as either a standing or sitting desk.

My first mistake was thinking this would be a small job that I could knock over in a couple of weekends. My second mistake was thinking that the design I started with would be the design I’d finish with (and how often as creative does THAT happen?). So with an idea in mind, I drove to the local Bunnings store to buy what I needed.

Next: Materials list and instructions

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