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Top Ten lists

twisted musings has officially been on the web for 5 years (in some capacity or another). Listed below are the top 10 most popular cartoons from each year. My personal favourites are listed at the bottom.

2007  |  2008  |  2009  |  2010  |  2011 | 2012 |  My favourites


Olympic Diver
Lest We Forget
Quantum Stretching
Charity Golf Day
Ghost Therapy
Retconned Resume
Muppet Mayhem
Molly’s Day
Made Man


Family Circus Tribute
Snow Globe Prison
(OK, so there weren’t even ten cartoons for 2011, but these are the best!)


Inception Too
Marital Problems
House vs Pacman
Star Trek Buzz
Batman 3 villain
Tweeted Wolf
Viagra Spokesperson
Pacman vs Ghostbusters
More Clinic Duty
Scooby Doo vs The A-Team


Operating Vulture
Mr T – The joke’s on him
Castaway Survivor
The cartoonist balloon salesman
Cow Gang Revenge
Man Navman
Early Terminator Robot
Penguin Dating
Castaway SOS
Mars Bar
Magic Mushrooms
Bone Revenge


Teddy bear problems
jellyfish date
House verses Lucy
Zorro Letter
Wild Stop Sign
The rise of the machines
Bleeding Mummy
Dummy Date
Fish Mother-in-law


Actors from IT
Gingerbread Man God
Monkey’s uncle
Godfather Christmas
Devil Trouble maker
Viking cow
Not the time Mum
Santa’s too much eggnog
God Music Awards
Psychologist and the Jeans

My Favourites

The Origin of Mungo – Part 11
Cow Gang Revenge
cartoon baloon salesman
jellyfish date
psychologist morpheus
The rise of the machines
House verses Lucy
Newsreader privates
Scary animal
Teddy bear problems
Not the time Mum
Roadside Assistance
Viking cow

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